Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning in San Francisco Bay Area

Upholstery Cleaning in San Francisco Bay Area. We constantly get calls about spills and stains on sofas and other furniture and upholstery. Mainly because the coffee table is the 21st Century's dinner table. Many people now eat while sitting on the couch so they can catch up on news, sports, or Game of Thrones Season 7. So it's inevitable that a little accident is going to happen sooner or later. We're ready to tackle anything you throw at us. Cotton, linen, polyester, micro-fiber, faux-suede, and more. The majority of furniture and upholstery we clean consists of sofas. We're the SOFA KINGS.

Some fabrics, such as Cotton or Canvas, are a bit more water sensitive than others. These may require a heavy Dry Foam treatment to minimize the amount of moisture the fabric absorbs so we can avoid any water rings developing. Durable synthetic fabrics like Polyester or Micro Fiber can withstand a good, thorough steaming and scrubbing. We LOVE cleaning those kinds of sofas!

We use a non-toxic steam cleaning service so we can get that sofa as fresh as possible. We'll clean both sides of the pillows and every little nook and cranny of your sofa, chair, bench, chaise lounge, ottoman and all the other furniture and upholstery in your home.

Depending on the fabric, drying time isn't normally very long, usually 1-3 hours. Our deep extraction does a great job of removing most of the water with no residue left behind. However we don't handle leather or vintage/silk fabrics, but feel free to call and ask us for our recommendations.