About New Life Carpet Cleaning Service

Our most common service is the Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning service in San Francisco Bay Area. Any carpet cleaning company had better bring their A-Game when it comes to the title SERVICE. We are very proud to inform you that we use the safest and strongest non-toxic, green and organic products available in today's industry. We understand the importance of safety and health for you and your loved ones.

Whether it be your little ones crawling around on the carpet or Fido taking a nap with his snout directly in the rug. We always make sure your health is the top prioirty. We will give you the best possible cleaning right off the bat. We'll always provide the best service possible at the same price.

Call us anytime and we'll walk through all of our steps and techniques to get your carpet looking its absolute best - (415) ‎941-8921.